Indoor Single Alarm Panel


Electrical Specifications

  • 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 300mA
  • Dry Contact input at terminals 3 & 4
  • Switched 120VAC at terminals 5 & 6
  • Wire Gauge Range is 20-10AWG
  • Buzzer — 95 dB @ 1 ft.


AL101 Overfill Protection Device, Indoor Alarm
Part No.: AL101-1-R-SC-SL-FRP Indoor Single Alarm Panel

The Model AL101-1-R-SC-SL-FRP is an Indoor alarm panel that accepts a switch contact input and provides an audible alarm signal when the external contact is closed The TEST pushbutton is a momentary button that turns on the red light and the horn/strobe. The red pilot light provides the visual alarm indication for the alarm contact. The MUTE push-button is a momentary button that mutes the horn/strobe for the alarm input. There is a solenoid control output which when the alarm goes off the solenoid is powered closed. In the event of a power failure the alarm will come back on with the power. The red light remains on until the alarm condition is corrected. The alarm circuit resets automatically. The panel also has a relay dry contact output for the switch input. It must be mounted in a non-hazardous location. Use Ktech float switches for the alarm input contacts.



  • CAN/ULC-S661-10

Certified to CSA C22.2 No.205 and Conforms to UL2017