Electrical Specifications

  • 120VAC, 60 Hz, 2.5A
  • Generator Input at terminals 3&4
  • Output to dampers & fan at terminals 5&6, 7&8&9, 10&11&12
  • Input from dampers at terminals 13&14, 15&16, 17&18
  • Relay contact outputs at terminals, 19&20, 21&22, 23&24
  • Modulating Thermostat inputs at terminals 25&26&27
  • Horn — 95 dB @ 1 ft.


CP1100 Indoor Alarm
Model AL101-3D-3R-TT-24VAC-2M Indoor Triple Alarm for Dampers

The Model AL101-3D-3R-TT-24VAC-2M is an indoor alarm that controls intake air, exhaust air & recirculation air dampers. The white pilot light indicates the 120 VAC power. A transformer provides 24VAC output to the dampers. The red pilot lights provide the visual alarm indication for each damper failure. When the generator starts it supplies a dry contact to the panel which activates the timer and turns on the green generator light. In 15 seconds if the intake air and the exhaust air dampers do open or the recirculation air damper does not close an
alarm will sound and a red pilot light will come on indicating which damper did not open or close. The MUTE push-button is a momentary switch that mutes the horn. The damper test button checks the damper contacts (If the alarm does not go off that means that the intake or exhaust dampers are open and the recirculation damper is closed). The exhaust & recirculation dampers are controlled by a thermostat and are modulated open and closed depending on what the temperature is. The exhaust & recirculation dampers only modulates when the generator is running. The HAND/AUTO switch is a generator test switch, turn to HAND and it simulates the generator has started and turns on the green generator light and the dampers move into position, switch to AUTO and it is waiting for the generator to send a signal. Each damper alarm has a corresponding relay output contact.