Electrical Specifications

  • 12VDC, 1.6A plug-in transformer Input at jack on side of enclosure
  • High-High Level 95% at terminals 1, 2 (N.C. Contact Input)
  • High Level 90% at terminals 3, 4 (N.O. Contact Input)
  • Wire Range is 22-10AWG
  • Switched 12 VDC, 16 watt output at terminals 5, 6 (for solenoid supplied by others)


CP1100 Overfill Protection Device
Part No.: PS102H-2

The Model PS102H-2 has a toggle switch for power ON, OFF and TEST. In the TEST position, the three LED’s will light and the buzzer will sound. The Toggle switch must be ON to operate the pump. There is two oil level switches one at 90% full (HIGH) (N.O. Contact) and one at 95% full (HIGH-HIGH) (N.C. Contact), are connected to the alarm input terminals. A green LED indicates the power is on. A red LED provides the visual alarm indication for each input contact. The 90% full warning indicates the tank should be emptied. There is room to continue filling the waste oil tank. The 95% full warning shuts off the pump to prevent further filling of the tank. A second momentary toggle switch will mute the audible alarm. The alarm resets automatically when the tank is emptied. There is an ON/OFF selector switch that operates the solenoid valve which in turn operates the pump. The solenoid valve controls the air supply to the diaphragm pump. The 12Vdc output connects to the solenoid valve and provides an emergency shut down.